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Advise For Parents

Newborn photoshoot advice before session

I advise that the baby is fully fed and you book your appointment when it's their nappy time, best photos come when they're asleep.

A newborn baby needs a relaxing and soothing place throughout the session most babies cry and you need to trust that I will be taking my time to relax your baby and put them to sleep, so don't worry if the baby is crying, if I feel the baby wants their mommy I will ask mommy for help to feed them or maybe diaper change.

1 to 4 years old kids photoshoot advice

We all know those ages where they want to explore and run everywhere, do not worry about that let them have fun and I will be following them and making sure to take the cutest adorable photos 

5 to 7 year old photoshoot advice

At these ages I see many parents trying to force their kids to smile or trying to make them make a pose how they want them to pose until the kid ends up crying I do suggest that let me handle it, let them move around, and have fun and trust that I will only be giving you the best shots! 

7 to 12 year old photoshoot advice

That age always has weird funny smiles when they're losing their teeth and they try to hide it! so don't force them to smile because it will make it look weird, let them relax, and however their smiles look like it's a cute memory for them in the future!

Advice for crying babies or kids

Sometimes there are kids that won't stop crying and that's normal, kids are coming to a new place seeing a new person with a camera I do suggest you show up 15 min before your appointment for me to play with them and let them feel safe where they are, and even if they stay crying believe it or not those are the best shots I love! and I would have parents buying the crying ones because I enjoy creating funny photos for them in the future to look at! those funny crying photos are the most fun photos for them in the future! 

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